Individual education and advice for the crypto and financial market.

Make the best investment decisions and plan a successful long-term strategy.

  • Benefit from over 15 years of experience in the crypto and financial sector of our experts.
  • Over 50 topic modules on all areas of the crypto and financial sector.
  • Consultation: remote via video conference or on site.


Modules for your further education

Over 50 modules on all areas of crypto and finance. Structured design and up-to-date content. For beginners, advanced learners and professional market participants.

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Options for your personal consultation

Either remotely via video conference, at one of our locations or even directly at your place. Your personal consultation takes place according to your wishes.

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Secure and trustworthy

Neutral and product-independent advice for conscientious knowledge transfer. Your satisfaction with maximum learning effect. Guaranteed!

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We are convinced:

Anyone can learn about crypto and finance, but it’s easier with a personal advisor and a sensibly structured system.

You can do a lot on your own – but by doing so; you increase the likelihood of potentially costly investment mistakes and may overlook profitable investment opportunities.[1] Learn together with us what really matters: we will show you which investment strategy best suits your needs and requirements. This will give you the chance to reduce your investment risk and benefit from increased return opportunities in the long term. With our learning offer, you invest in yourself – and that is demonstrably the most profitable investment!

Your benefits through our advisors and the structured and modularised education and advisory product (SMECP):

  • Structured education and counselling modules[2] in live conversation according to your needs.
  • More effective learning and faster understanding of an increasingly established asset class
  • Holistic view of crypto assets in relation to the rest of the investment universe such as equities, real estate, commodities, etc. as well as hedging against specific events
  • Realistic assessment of existing risks
  • Increasing the chances of sustainable returns
  • Behavioural mentoring especially for emotionally difficult market phases
  • Minimising investment mistakes
  • Up-to-date information and details about the dynamic crypto market
  • Advice on the use of blockchain and crypto technologies in business processes

For each topic area, we have experts with in-depth knowledge and the right modules for your level of knowledge. The choice is yours.

[1] The connection between long-term successful investors and advisory support from experts compared to unadvised market participants has been proven many times in scientific studies; see e.g. Vanguard 2020 – The value of advice: 7 value-creating components at a glance and many more.

[2] A module refers to a defined topic area that is worked on together with a consultant in a fixed period of time of about 60 minutes and for a fixed fee. At Global Coin Consult, two different types of modules are offered: 1. educational modules aim to impart general knowledge on various topics from the crypto and financial sector. 2. consulting modules, on the other hand, focus on the personal investment situation of the clients, for example to formulate goals and implement promising strategies. Both module types can be carried out independently of each other.

Our educational and advisory modules with personal guidance are precisely tailored for these target groups:

Private investors

  • You would like to invest in the crypto market as well as in traditional financial markets and participate in the extraordinary opportunities of the most profitable asset class of the last 10 years?[3]
  • You have already invested once, but not with satisfactory results?
  • You already have experience with crypto and other financial assets and would like to learn about new developments and strategies?
  • Do you want to learn more about specific areas, such as generating recurring income (cash flow) on different assets as additional income?
  • You want to learn how asset protection can succeed with the help of the asset class crypto assets?
  • Would you like to know more about the safe storage and problem-free transfer of crypto assets to and between exchanges, wallets, etc.?

We advise you comprehensively about the opportunities and risks of crypto and other assets.

[3] The performance development of the market-dominating crypto asset Bitcoin is compared with that of the global stock and bond market as well as the real estate sector and commodities such as gold in the years 2011 to 2021. For the historical price development of Bitcoin, see for example


  • Do you want to participate in the global crypto and investment market with your company?
  • Do you want to learn what opportunities crypto and other assets offer your entity, for example, to make capital work sensibly in different time periods and availabilities?
  • Do you want to diversify your company’s capital in an attractive and secure way?
  • You are dependent on the management and access by several persons for this?
  • You would like to offer your customers additional payment options with cryptocurrencies in order to reach new consumer groups?
  • Are you dependent on knowledge regarding regulatory issues and corresponding future developments?
  • Do you want to make your employees fit for the secure use of crypto assets?

We advise you on the prospects and innovations for companies in the dynamic crypto and investment environment.


  • Do you represent an institutional investor and are you interested in knowledge and advice for engagements on the global crypto and financial market?

We at Global Coin Consult understand that you have very special requirements in many respects and are aware of this special responsibility that you have towards your customers, investors, clients and members. That is why we advise you individually and adapt our offer explicitly to your institution.

Reach your goal together with simple steps!

Make an appointment

Tell us your preferred date for a free introductory meeting and choose the form in which this should take place.[4] During this meeting, you will learn about the services we can provide for you and, based on the information you provide, we will assess the opportunities that an investment can open up for your goals.

Receive information material

Prior to the first introductory meeting, also called the introductory module, you will receive a preparation message from us with information about Global Coin Consult, our advisory standards as well as about our structured and modularised education and consulting product (SMECP).

With the preparation information, you are well prepared for the subsequent education or consultancy module. This is how we proceed with each subsequent module you book with us.

Education and counselling

At the agreed meeting for the respective module, your counsellor will introduce you to the topic and explain the cornerstones of the respective topic complex to you piece by piece. Using a structured question and answer plan, your current level of knowledge and the points that are most important to you with regard to your financial strategy will first be asked.

Educational modules include:

Show educational modules
  • Essential knowledge such as basic technical and economic understanding of crypto and other assets
  • Functionalities and characteristics of such assets
  • Use of crypto and other investments in the portfolio
  • Overarching knowledge of financial and economic systems
  • Use of crypto assets in today’s world and legal status
  • Tax considerations and classification of assets (no tax advice)
  • Information on fraud and investor protection
  • Many other practical topics such as techniques for successfully researching promising investment opportunities or understanding the crypto and investment universe.

This knowledge will enable you to correctly assess appropriate investments and the opportunities they can offer in the future, as well as to understand market situations and developments and to successfully use them for your investment.

Counselling modules include:

  • Questions about financial circumstances and attitudes to investing.
  • Drawing up a risk profile within the framework of a personal analysis
  • Identifying and defining financial goals
  • Creation of personal investment strategies
  • Knowledge and guidance on practical implementation using appropriate tools such as stock exchanges, wallets, etc.
  • Support from the beginning of an investment throughout the entire investment period
  • Evaluation of existing investments and assets
  • Monitoring of adopted investment strategies
  • In addition, special advice for clients with special requirements and individual advice according to your wishes.

With the support of your advisor, you can set achievable financial goals, find a suitable investment strategy and successfully implement it in the long term. In the process, our experts will be at your side with advice and practical support right from the start, as long as this is helpful and goal-oriented for you.

All module contents are visually accompanied in a meaningful way for you. An average educational or counselling unit (module) lasts approx. 60 minutes.

Summary and certificate

After each module you will receive a summary of the contents discussed. You can refer to this again and again in the further course of the counselling sessions. Thus, step by step, you will become an expert in this subject area and will be able to make successful and sustainable decisions for your personal portfolio or the portfolio to be managed. Of course, you will receive a certificate for each educational module you complete. This certificate shows the contents of the module taken and certifies successful participation. Several module certificates can be combined into one large course certificate if desired.

[4] For on-site appointments, depending on the location, travel expenses may also be incurred for the otherwise free initial meeting.

References from the test customer program

β€œThe best part is that Astra comes with hundreds of professionally designed templates for just about every industry, makes it super easy for non-techy users to build a website.”

Wade Warren

For beginners, advanced learners and professional market participants

Our educational and advisory modules are structured, personalised and tailored to the current crypto and financial market.

(+25 Module zu allen Krypto-Bereichen)

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For each client who completes at least one module for which a fee is charged, we will pay a bonus of 100 € and an additional 10 % of the module price for each additional module taken to the person making the recommendation.

Personal advice right from the start

About Global Coin Consult

We at Global Coin Consult see ourselves as educators and advisors for a dynamic and innovative market. As crypto and financial experts, we offer information on crypto and other asset classes and assist investors from the beginning.

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We have years of experience in this still comparatively young market segment of crypto assets. Therefore, we know how difficult it is to find an understandable and secure approach to this from an investor’s point of view. There is still a lack of reliable sources of information, competent advice and appropriate communication about the opportunities and risks of investing in the global crypto and financial market for individuals, small and large companies or institutions.

These circumstances and experiences have led us to establish Global Coin Consult, a trustworthy education and consulting company that reliably advises clients according to the highest standards. We offer a consultancy service that is completely independent of specific providers and products. There are therefore no conflicts of interest, as only the educational and advisory services are remunerated. Clients can therefore rely on the fact that the advisors of Global Coin Consult always advise them to the best of their knowledge and belief.

Our goal: You should develop the most suitable investment strategy for you and participate sustainably and securely in the positive development of the crypto and financial market – we consider this a success.

We believe that reliable returns can be achieved with investments in various asset classes, and in particular with crypto assets, and that the technology used for this purpose will become massively more relevant in the coming years in various areas of the economy and society, such as in logistics, medicine, finance, the cultural and entertainment sector, as well as for a variety of special application purposes. In our view, investors should therefore keep an eye on the asset class of crypto investments – in addition to traditional investment instruments – and build up a sound knowledge of them in order to be able to benefit from the far-reaching opportunities.